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Ducati announces prices of 2018 Multistrada range

Starting from under £11,500

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 14/12/2017 - 11:34

Ducati announces prices of 2018 Multistrada range

VISORDOWN'S on the launch of the Multistrada 1260 in Gran Canaria, where Ducati has just announced prices for the whole 2018 Multistrada range, including the smaller 950 variant

The most affordable is the Multistrada 950 in red, at £11,395, while the most expensive, the Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak, will set you back £20,795. 

A 7.3% APR Ducati finance deal makes the base-model Multistrada 1260 availabe for 37 monthly payments of £169 with a 25% deposit, the firm says.

Read Visordown's Laura Thomson's first impressions after riding the Multistrada 1260 here

Here's the full price list for the 2018 Ducati Multistrada range: 




Ducati Multistrada 2018 prices

Multistrada 950


£           11,395

Star White Silk

£           11,595

Red + Touring Pack

£           12,050

Star White Silk + Touring Pack

£           12,250

Red + Spoked Wheels

£           11,945

Star White Silk + Spoked Wheels

£           12,145

Multistrada 1260


£           14,295

Red + Touring Pack

£           15,249

Multistrada 1260 S


£           17,195

Iceberg White / Volcano Grey

£           17,395

Red + Touring Pack

£           18,149

Iceberg White / Volcano Grey + Touring Pack

£           18,349

Multistrada 1260 S D|Air


£           17,895

Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak


£           20,795

Multistrada 1200 Enduro


£           17,495

Phantom Grey/Star White Silk

£           17,695

Red + Touring Pack

£           18,989

Phantom Grey/Star White Silk + Touring pack

£           19,189

Multistrada 1200 Enduro Pro


£           18,995




C'mon manufacturers, how can you justify these prices. Bike prices have got silly over the last few years and silliness appears to be increasing exponentially each year. I predict another European bike manufacturer crash - similar to the demise of the British Bike industry in the 70's - coming at this rate.

Yeah....I agree. Last year I paid 21k for a second hand top of the range smax....incredible..

Well, it would be wonderful if I could actually read it. Visor Down has become a difficult site to navigate and read due to the plethora of overlaid advertising, some of which is frankly bizarre and bears no resemblance to the subject matter. This has become such an unpleasant and difficult site to use, I may have to abandon it once and for all. Shame rally, it used to be so good too.

Firstly, I agree on the site layout comments. Busy is an understatement. Duplication of text is commonplace also.
Regarding pricing, it might not be nice but it is inevitable. We now have people paying £100 a month for a mobile phone, so the monthly rates for a bike are relatively cheap.
It all comes at the cost of personal debt, which our entire financial system relies on. Of course, this will also give us a financial crisis every couple of years (The USA leads the way with the sub-prime mortgages model).
But there's no reason for individual manufacturers to take a stand against this. The medium term issues are out of their hands. They've just got to charge as much as they can now, wrap it up in finance and then weather the inevitable storm when the market dries up for a period in the future.
It's not easy for those of us that like to own new bikes, but the used market will be awash with 3 year old bikes that have lost 70% of their retail value. That's where we're better off looking towards. I do think that motorcycle evolution has levelled of sufficiently in the last 10 years that you're not missing out very much, certainly compared to how you would have been in the 1990s, or earlier.

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