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Monday Motorbike Mayhem: How easy is it to drop a motorcycle?

Quite easy as our Motorbike Monday rider shows!

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 17/10/2017 - 15:02

Monday Motorbike Mayhem: How easy is it to drop a motorcycle?

IT happens to the best of us. 

All it takes is a puddle of petrol, an underpowered U-turn, a caught trouser leg or a deceptively marshy patch of grass and that's it. The bike's over and chances are you're underneath. 

Anyone who claims to have never dropped a bike must be either incredibly strong, or lying. It's a fundamental part of motorcycling, just as falling is to toddlers learning to walk. 

Sometimes even experienced motorcyclists take a standstill tumble, as this week's Motor Monday rider proves. 

Cruising down what appears to be a gentle gravel track, he pulls on to the grass verge to let an oncoming car pass. 

We're not quite sure what happened next, but it culminates with both rider and bike toppling sideways into the bushes. 





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