Watch this track rider crash in 360 degrees

You'll probably get a better view of the crash than the rider did himself

EVER wondered what it's like to crash on track, but didn't fancy finding out?

Well now you can, thanks to one generous guinea-pig, who crashed his Kawasaki Ninja 300 at Thunderhill Raceway Park in California and filmed the wreck in 360 degrees. 

In this 360 degree video, shared by SuperSpicnspan on YouTube, you'll probably get a better view than the rider did himself, without the associated costs and injuries.

Just tilt the screen left, right, up or down to see the rider sliding away from his bike, or to watch the Kawi grind along the ground, kicking dust up in its wake. 

Keep watching as the bike performs a series of spectacular barrel rolls, before coming to a halt metres away from the track. 

Thankfully the rider was unhurt, and even started up a GoFundMe to raise money to fix his bike, which he describes as 'completely trashed'.

And if you were wondering what the bike looked like post-stop, drop and roll, check it out below...