10 Steps for easy wheel removal

Follow these instructions for the quick and easy know how to getting your wheels out

1. Loosen everything before putting your bike up on paddock stands. It's more stable like this and you're less likely to tip the thing over on its side.

3. Everything out and lined up neatly so we know what goes where when it's time to put it all back together. Note bleedin' great hex bit socket on spindle.

4. Meanwhile, at the back the rear spindle nut is off and the spindle tapped through a short way. Note the use of rubber mallet.

5. Knee supporting the wheel, one hand holding it, the other knocking the spindle until it can be pulled by hand.

6. Wheel out but spindle back in place supporting the chain, adjuster blocks, caliper and spacers, all positioned so we know what goes where for later.

7. A squirt of oil to lubricate the cush drive rubbers will help refit the sprocket carrier on re-assembly. Don't get it on the tyres or you'll crash.

8. Take up the chain tension with one hand while doing up the spindle with the other. Don't fully tighten the nut until the bike's off the stand.

9. Front wheels are easier so save it until last. Again, support the wheel on a knee to aid refitting. Make sure all the spacers go back in the right order.

10. Take it off the stands and tighten everything up to the correct torque. Remember to pump the brakes to push the pads back in place.