Your Top 10 KTMs revealed

Here are your top 10 KTMs, as voted for by you! We've taken all the KTMs from our huge database with 3 reviews or more, then averaged out owners' detailed ratings on the engine, brakes, handling, comfort and build to arrive at a final score. The higher the score, the more highly rated the bike. Remember, this list is based on owner's reviews.

10. 990 Superduke R: 4.2/5

Built for the love of it” according to KTM, other than the orange frame the R is a KTM Power Parts catalogue special. All you need is a single seat unit, longer rear shock, a steering damper, smattering of carbon and some new fork springs. But we’re glad it’s here because it’s even better than the stocker. If you like your madness with extra madness on top, go for the R.

9. 690 SM Supermoto: 4.3/5

Despite being the most powerful single-cylinder in its heyday, the 690SM is anything but a beast to ride. It might not be as exciting as the KTM supermotos of old but it’s a million times easier to live with. The SM gets a completely new frame with altered geometry for perfect 50:50 weight distribution. It’s soft enough to be useful but still a KTM at heart.

7. 990 Supermoto: 4.37/5

KTM stuck its fuel-injected 990 engine into the 950SM’s chassis, and with it comes a whopping 15% increase in power through the entire rev range. And the 950 is a bike that was far from sensible in the first place. It’s more practical than the old bike but the snatchy throttle response and poor fuelling leaves much to be desired.

7. 990 Superduke: 4.37/5

The 990 Superduke gets a 999cc 118hp v-twin, unlike the 950 motor it’s now fuel-injected. It has strong torque from 4,000rpm and linear power all the way up to the rev limiter at 9,750rpm. As you would expect wheelies are a doddle in the first three gears. The powerful Brembo brakes will bring you back down from its 153mph top speed.

6. 1190 RC8: 4.4/5

Perhaps one of the maddest looking sportsbikes on the market, the RC8 makes a true 133hp from its 1148cc v-twin engine. It has plenty of room for taller riders and sublime handling kept in check by fully adjustable WP suspension and Brembo brakes. Early models could do with a Power Commander to smoothen out the power curve. To be that extra bit madder, get the R edition.

5. Duke 125: 4.5/5

Not keen on Yamaha’s R125? Step this way. KTM’s baby duke has a smooth 15hp single-cylinder engine that will happily rev to its 10,000rpm redline. It’s light, carries its weight low and costs £3,999 brand new. Some owners complain of electric gremlins and lambda sensors going wrong. But on the whole, the baby Duke is a perfect bike to learn on and is more than capable.

4. 990 SMT: 4.55/5

On the face of it, the SMT (T stands for travel, not touring) is simply a 990SM with some smarter bodywork and a bigger screen. The 115hp v-twin remains untouched meaning the SMT is typically light and boisterous off the throttle. This is a new breed of KTM though, one that doesn’t endlessly egg you on. Whole tracts of the countryside can pass you by without you feeling the need to pull a wheelie.

3. 950 SM Supermoto: 4.6/5

If ever there was a cult hooligan bike, this is it. The 950 SM is bordering on a kind of madness. With a short 1510mm wheelbase and a 98hp punchy v-twin engine, the 950SM is at home on one wheel as it is on two. Unlike single-cylinder models, it’s more than a Sunday morning toy and has the legs and comfort to cover big miles.

2. 1190 Adventure: 4.64/5

Despite weighing 230kg fully fuelled, KTM boast the 1190 Adventure has the best power to weight ratio in its class. Using a 150hp RC8 engine modified for extra torque, the 1190 will pull from 20mph in fourth gear with steely determination. It has four riding modes, traction control, ABS and other goodies. It bears the core values of a KTM: fast, agile and focused.

1. 690 Duke: 4.68/5

At 72hp and 70nm of torque, the 690 duke boasts the title of the most powerful production single-cylinder on the market. Combine that with the fact that it only weighs 160kg fully fuelled and you have yourself a very lively bike. The Duke flatters your riding and it’s fast enough to deliver a real buzz. Saying that, a learner could hop on this bike and find it as easy to ride as a Honda CB500. How did KTM manage that?

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