Your Top 10 naked bikes revealed

Here are your top 10 naked bikes, as voted for by you! We've taken all naked bikes from our huge database with 5 reviews or more, then averaged out owners' detailed ratings on the engine, brakes, handling, comfort and build to arrive at a final score. The higher the score, the more highly rated the bike. Remember, this list is based on owners' reviews.

=9. FZ1 (2006-present): 4.38/5

Take a re-tuned R1 motor and shoehorn it into a naked chassis and hey presto! This is what dreams are made of, right? Erm, no. The FZ1 is a really good bike - much like its older brother the Fazer - but it lacks any grunt both low-down and in the mid-range, which is exactly what you want in a naked bike. However, the fact that most owners' biggest gripes are the hard seat and awkward side-stand suggests they're happy with everything else.

=9. Triumph Speed Triple (2011-present): 4.38/5

Coming in at joint number nine is the new-generation Speed Triple, staring at you with its Dali-esque new eyes and cocking an eyebrow as if to say, 'You lookin' at me? No? Well, you'd better!' The engine, still 1050cc, makes more power and torque thanks to improvements including a revised ECU and a freer-flowing exhaust, and the fuelling is spot on. Chassis revisions including more front-end weight, a lighter front wheel and a longer swingarm to improve the handling and make the bike more stable. 

8. Moto Guzzi Breva V1100: 4.4/5

At release, the Breva V1100 was aimed squarely at the European touring market, slashing directly for BMW's jugular, competing against their R1150R. Different to the Guzzis of old, the V1100 was no longer agricultural and heavy, it was a 21st century bike. The 1064cc v-twin makes 85hp, of torque and will hit a true 125mph. Sit back on the Guzzi and watch the world whizz by.

=5. R1200R (2006-present): 4.5/5

In equal fifth position with the Street Triple R and K1200R, the R1200R is an old-school design with an infusion of modernity. The ‘Roadster’ as BMW describes it, packs a decent 82lb.ft punch of torque from its 1170cc engine. The air-cooled flat twin keeps the purists happy, as does the shaft-drive. It all comes at a cost though. The on-the-road basic price is currently £10,075, opening up a lot of options for other good nakeds.

=5. K1200R (2005-2009): 4.5/5

Once the big daddy of its class, when launched, BMW claimed it was the world’s most powerful naked bike. The 1157cc inline-4 engine pushes out 163hp, 93.7lb.ft of torque and will hit 170mph. Like the LT model, it’s equipped with telelever suspension and shaft drive to keep that power in check. Mounted on the bars is a switch to control the Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) that gives you nine different damping and preload settings to soften up the bike or firm it up. A real cracker from BMW and a worthy one to consider if you’re in the market for that kind of bike.

=5. Triumph Street Triple R (2009-2012): 4.5/5

The Street Triple R sports fully-adjustable suspension and radial brakes taken straight from the Daytona 675, as well as Magura handlebars, making it the ideal weapon for Striple riders who like a bit of track action, or are, erm, overenthusiastic in their road riding. Visually, the only difference is a two-tone seat and a matte paintjob. It's exciting, capable, reliable and gives owners that precious something extra - pride of ownership.

4. Honda CB1000R (2008-present): 4.55/5

The CB1000R was launched in 2008 with a winning formula: swoopy little dabs of bodywork adorning the previous year's Fireblade engine, as well as suspension, brakes and other bits derived from Big Red's flagship sportsbike. Its 130 bhp and 100lb.ft dollop of torque is delivered with typically fuss-free refinement designed to appeal to the greatest number of riders. Pillions get a bit of a raw deal, the back wheel is said to throw up a fair bit of spray, and there have been a couple of parts recalls.

3. KTM Duke 690 (2012-present): 4.56/5

Wide bars, upright seating position, a single cylinder engine putting out 72hp and of torque, and a wet weight of 160kg. One of the finest recipes for fun i've ever seen. It's not as compromised as the lanky supermotos, and it won't try and spit you off like the larger capacity KTM Dukes, the 690 Duke is a flattering bike to ride. With service intervals now every 10,000kms and a peachy LC4 motor that can give over 60mpg, the Duke is a 50/50 package of fun and sensibleness.

2. Honda CB500 (1994-2003): 4.57/5

Like your favourite childhood toy, teenage song or comfort food, the CB500 is a memory that never spoils. It's not the flashiest or coolest bike out there but it does so many things right. The durability of its 500cc, 54 bhp parallel-twin is legendary - it was allegedly designed to last for at least 190,000 miles, and it lived up to its billing in the hands of riding schools and couriers all over the land. Fittingly, the best-rated Honda is a bike that embodies the virtues of the brand itself. Solid, sensible and reliable, the CB500 is the quintessential basic motorcycle.

1. F800R (2009-present): 4.7/5

The F800R has a 798cc parallel twin that puts out a healthy 85hp, 63.4lb.ft of torque and weighs 204kg fully fuelled. The £7,595 price tag gets you ABS as standard but almost everything else is an option. There's a low seat-height option (775mm) giving new riders the choice to go for something more confidence-inspiring with a bit more oomph. The F800R is a really capable road bike and doesn’t leave you wanting. Think Street Triple but with a slightly less involving engine.

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