Top 10 Used Adventure Motorcycles

These big trail tools are bitching fun and practical too. Visordown lists the best used big capacity adventure style motorcycles

Buying an adventure bike

Off road use
Despite these bikes’ weight, some owners do take them off road both here and overseas, especially BMWs. It shouldn’t do any major harm but check for dings and bearings damaged from too much jet washing.

A few bikes actually have been on huge trips and may be loaded with the specialist kit – and scars – to prove it.

Buying Tips

Unlike other market sectors, the right extras can add value. Quality luggage is the most desirable but decent, functional parts from good suppliers do to, especially on BMWs. Be aware of factory options on BMWs.

Private sales
Can be a good option as these machines tend to get thrashed, crashed and nicked less than sports bikes. A warranty can be handy on BMWs which have a few issues that can be costly.

High miles
They can handle it. Engines should be fine, check suspension and chassis bushes.

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