Top 10 production café racers

Our pick of the latest crop of café racers, from 50 to 1200cc, catering for every budget

TO some, the very idea of a production café racer is the antithesis of the genre’s essence. But while there’s no doubt a hand-crafted machine can be a thing of wonder, there’s clearly a huge market of café racer fans who lack the time, skills or both to actually build their own. Fortunately there’s no shortage of factory-made café racers to appeal to every budget. Here’s our top 10...

10: Skyteam Ace

Weirdly, of all the factory café racers on sale today, the £1,699 Skyteam Ace 125 and the £1,599 Ace 50 arguably hit the styling nail most squarely on the head. That’s because they’re basically direct copies, in terms of appearance, of Honda’s 1990s Dream 50 – itself a tribute to the CR110 racer of the 1960s. Of course the Skyteams are Chinese-made, with all the baggage that brings. However, if you see them -  as many owners do – as a tinkering project of your own, in true café racer style, then there’s plenty of scope to upgrade their quality, handling and performance.



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