Top 10 six-cylinder production bikes

Because more cylinders than you can count on one hand means good

THERE’S always been something extravagantly indulgent about six-cylinder bikes.

They’re inevitably expensive; the engines have 50% more of everything than a four, so in terms of parts alone there’s a penalty. They’re also heavy, wide, and rarely have a tangible performance advantage over smaller, lither fours or twins.

But the simple fact that they have six cylinders gives them a USP that run-of-the-mill machines with a fewer pots can’t live up to. It gives a notably different feel, a smoothness that twins, triples and fours can’t match.

We’re looking at bikes you could actually buy and ride on the street. We’d happily sing the praises of the Laverda V6 or Honda’s RC165, RC166 and RC174 straight-sixes, let alone the Suzuki Stratosphere concept bike, but they’re not machines any of us could ever hope to buy or ride, so let’s focus on some more achievable six-cylinder experiences…

10: Goldwing GL1500

The Goldwing GL1500 was the first ‘Wing to go to the now-legendary flat-six layout, and as such has a place in motorcycling history. Made for a dozen years from 1988, it was a technological marvel at launch. It’s marred, though, by a chrome-and-whip-aerials image that means a lot of riders see Wing users as a separate breed. It’s the cheapest way to get the six-cylinder experience, though. They go for as little as £2500 these days.


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