Top 10 Christmas gifts for bikers

Ten of our favourite Christmas biking gifts

CHRISTMAS shopping: easy if you know what to get, a royal pain the arse if you don't.

Fortunately, it is easy to know what to get for a motorcyclist. It's just a question of inspiration, which is where we can help. 

We've sifted through hundreds of products to bring you a list of 10 with something to please every rider, and every budget.

Tiger 800 balance bike

Admittedly not so much for the motorcyclist as future motorcyclist, this Triumph Tiger balance bike is suitable for kids aged between two and six. It's got an adjustable seat-height, from 330mm-350mm, so it can grow with the child. Balance bikes are a great way to teach children to ride from an early age, often enabling them to move straight to a pedal bike with no stabilisers... followed by a mini moto next Christmas and MotoGP bike by 18.  

Price: £100


Dainese Street Biker D-WP shoes

Gone are the days when bike boots had to be made from black leather. These short Street Biker shoes are enhanced by small technical details that make them ideal for zipping through the city. The suede cowhide also accommodates tough, highly resistant inserts and provides a blend of fashion and impact resistance. They have nylon heel protectors with reflective inserts and a waterproof inner.  

Price: £119.99


Held Sarina ladies jacket

This stylish ladies' jacket from Held features a cotton outer and lining, plus a waterproof, breathable liner. It also has six external pockets, two inner pockets, hip adjustment zips and a waist belt for the perfect fit. It comes with armour at the shoulder and elbow and a connecting zip to attach to trousers. There’s also an optional back protector available. It comes in sizes XS-D3XL and a choice of black or denim.

Price: £199.99


SW-Motech 12V universal electric kit

There's no longer any need to have half a dozen electrical accessories wired up to a motorcycle battery. Anything with a cigarette lighter-style plug can connect to this socket, which mounts to either 22mm or 28mm diameter handlebars, or inner fairings (at the cost of making a hole). An included USB adaptor means you can also charges mobiles and other gadgets. No more getting lost when your satnav's battery expires. 

Price: £49.32


Biker Duo clothes rack (no longer in stock)

Keeping your kit out of the way and having somewhere to hang it when it’s dripping is a problem solved by this clothes rack. It’s German-made and stores two helmets, two jackets and two pairs of gloves. Fit it in your garage or cloakroom for enhanced matrimonial harmony. 

Price: £49.99


Dremel 3000 Multitool Project Kit

No home, workshop, shed or garage should be without a Dremel. The multitool is a fantastic bit of kit and has a growing array of tools and accessories. This one comes with 45 accessories and four attachments. It will make light work of hundreds of jobs and come in handy every time you tinker with an old bike or need to do some dreaded DIY. 

Price: £89.99


Keis heated jacket

If you’re the kind of motorcyclist who likes to ride for more than just a few weeks in summer, some heated clothing is a life-changer. This Keis heated jacket is made from soft fabric with strategically positioned heated panels at the chest, kidneys, arms and collar. It can be wired directly to the bike, or via a 12-volt socket (like the one featured above), or powered by its own rechargeable battery. Keis gear also comes with connectors to link to other garments in its heated range including gloves, trousers and insoles.   

Price: £169.99


SW-Motech Hardcase for iPhone

Connecting a phone to your bike seems to be a necessity for many riders these days. This splashproof hardcase for the iPhone 5/5S offers some protection and leaves all the functions useable. The phone can be rotated 360º and the cable can be plugged into a 12-volt socket to charge on the move. It mounts onto SW-Motech GPS holders. 

Price: £57.94


Rothewald motorcycle workshop seat (no longer in stock)

Know someone who gets a sore back from fettling their bike? This seat might make their life easier. Underneath the padded seat is a tool tray measuring 30x32cm and a tool drawer measuring 27x18cm. The unit has roller castors for easy movement across the garage floor.

Price: £29.99


Motorcycle slippers (no longer in stock)

Just in case the motorcycle parafernalia filling up the house isn't enough to let people know someone's into bikes, go that stage further with a pair of these. Made from soft cotton and polyester, these slippers are available in sizes 3-11 and three different styles: sportsbike, tourer and cruiser.

Price: £16.99


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