Six videos that explain why we love Guy Martin

The Grimsby rider's best moments on camera

Six videos that explain why we love Guy Martin

THE MAN, the legend that is Guy Martin has been stealing the show since first stepping on the scene. Whether it's his playful personality, sensational sideburns or wonder for world records, there's certainly a reason why he's been getting on our TV screens so often.

So without further ado, here are six of our favourite clips that define our love for Guy Martin.

1. Hydroplaning bike

As part of the 2014 Channel 4 documentary, Speed with Guy Martin, the TV personality attempted to break the world record for riding a motorcycle on the surface of water.

2. Wall of Death

One of Martin's most extreme world record attempts yet as he defies gravity by tackling the Wall of Death.

3. Rickshaw Racing In Beijing

In his recent documentary, Our Guy in China, the Grimsby daredevil took up a spot of rickshaw racing on the streets of Bejing.

4. 150mph Transit Van Race

Hitting 150mph in a transit van? Who else but our man Guy, taking his beaten up old van to the fastest road race on the planet: the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

5. Isle of Man TT (2014)

Breathtaking footage from the on-board camera of Martin's Tyco Suzuki during the 2014 Isle of Man TT.

6. 'Do You Know What "Spatchcock" Means?'

Perhaps this is a little glimpse into the mind of Martin? Setting world records at jaw-dropping speeds as his mind drifts off elsewhere.