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Five of the best motorcycle routes in the US

The ultimate routes for America-bound riders

THE SUMMER is now well on its way and holiday planning is likely near the top of our to-do lists. 

So we've created list of destinations for a motorcycle holiday-of-a-lifetime in the US, featuring luscious forests, stunning beaches, snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows.

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Beartooth Highway: Montana - Wyoming

Consisting of a 68-mile stretch of Route 212, the Beartooth HIghway is the highest of its kind in the Northern Rockies and quite possibly the definitive adventure trip. The route travels snow-capped mountains, high alpine meadows, lush forests, and 10,947 feet through Beartooth Pass before reaching Cooke City at the north of Yellowstone National Park.

If you were to picture a trip doused in beautifully natural scenery, then Beartooth Highway would be it.

The River Road: Texas

Ranging 120 miles from Candelaria and Presidio, Texas, the route is renowned for its smooth surface and follows the Rio Grande river - hence where it gets its name.

Officially known as Farm to Market Road 170, the trail passes mountains, cliffs, canyons, and a 17-mile off-road loop through the Valley fo the Gods.

Insider tip: July temperatures can be extremely highs.

Tail of the Dragon: North Carolina - Tennessee

One of the better known North American trails, the Dragon consists of 318 curves along an 11 mile stretch in the mountain pass of Deal's Gap. The popular route is situated along the North Carolina - Tennessee state line and has been considered by motorcyclists as the most exhilarating road in the country.

For the cherry on the top of this tarmac treat, the Tail of the Dragon has also featured in several movies and TV shows, including Top GearThe Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and Nell starring Liam Neeson.

Watch on-board footage of the Tail of the Dragon HERE.

Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina - Virginia

Referred to as America's favourite drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway runs through 29 counties in North Carolina and Virginia. The iconic route runs for 469 miles, mostly along the Appalachian Mountains and is distinguished by its scenic beauty.

With a 45mph limit, the Parkway visits Civil War battle sites, the Great Smokey Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.

A must-do for any touring motorcyclist.

Pacific Coast Highway: California

Quite possibly the daddy of routes for any motorcyclist interested in touring America. This highway is situated on the country's west-coast and is considered as one of the most scenic drives in the world.

Stretching for 700 miles, the PCH starts at California's northern border and continues down to San Diego, presenting redwood forests, stunning beaches and vibrant cities.

If you're going to travel any route in the US, then this should be it.

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