Five addictive motorcycle YouTube channels

Warning: major work distraction ahead

1. RNickeyMouse

Mostly, all RNickeyMouse seems to do is hang out at the famous Snake Pass on Mulholland Highway in California, filming the drama that unfolds. It's enough to make a YouTube channel that will not let you leave.

2. Premises187

Premises187 somehow seems to attract drama on his rides through London. Often confrontational and full of colourful language, each video makes it extremely difficult not to watch another.

3. MotorcyclesDreams

This mysterious YouTube channel has a habit of publishing manufacturers' official promo videos for new bikes before they do. Like the one above, which gave us our first look at the Kawasaki Ninja H2, ahead of its unveiling at Eicma in 2014.  

Or this one, which is where we first saw BMW's R nineT Scrambler.

We don't understand it but we like it.

4. Red Bull

Okay, so it's not exclusively a motorcycle channel, but it does have some of the most stunning riding videos on the internet (or anywhere else), with playlists devoted to hard enduro and other off-road disciplines. Check it out.

5. Visordown Motorcycle News

Come on, you knew this would be here, didn't you? It's crammed with reviews of every bike that matters, plus back-to-back tests and news. If you don't subscribe yet, you need to now.