10 things no motorcyclist should ever do

Whether new to biking or not, you may benefit from reading these 10 things a motorcyclist should never do…

1. Take inadequate security measures

Some bikes are stolen by skilled, determined thieves who would probably bore through solid rock if that’s what it took. Others go because the owners are naïve to the level of risk. In fact loads do, every year, putting up insurance premiums for everyone.

The factory-fitted steering lock will take seconds for an opportunist to break. Rely on it and there’s a very good chance you’ll never see your bike again after day one.

Get a disc lock, get a ground anchor (or two, one for each wheel), get big chains - and use them. You’ll never regret taking too many security precautions.


Frosty morning with sun on your back.
Don't take that hump back bridge too fast - there may be ice just where you land!
Ouch !

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