How to… store your motorcycle in winter

Worried about the effect all this road salt is having on your motorcycle? It's not too late to take her away from all this until spring...

By Alan Dowds

IDEALLY, you'd be riding right through winter, but even the most stubborn year-round motorcyclists can get fed up when the weather's like it as at the moment.

If that's you, don't just park it and wack a cover on it - and especially not without cleaning the road salt off. That's a recipe for it looking like a barn-find by spring. Instead, make use of our tips for ensuring it comes out of hibernation in perfect condition…

1: Storage beater

We're assuming you don't have a climate-controlled, air-conditioned, low-humidity storage facility with military-grade security - otherwise why are you here? In practice, most of us have a chilly lock-up at best. But you can still take steps to keep dampness and moisture away: counter-intuitively, better ventilation can help prevent condensation and damp building up in outside garages or sheds.

If you can stretch to the cost, a low-wattage oil-filled radiator or electric greenhouse heater will help maintain a dryer atmosphere. Avoid oil or wood burners though, which can cause condensation from their combustion. They're also more of a fire risk.

A decent breathable bike cover will help keep dust and grime away, and of course you'll need appropriate security in place. Bolt-down wall or ground anchors are relatively easy to fit. Sinking one into a concrete floor, as shown, is more complicated and expensive but offers the greatest chance of finding your bike where you left it. 

Main picture: Johan Viirok

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