How to… fit some auxiliary LED riding lights to your motorcycle

Let there be light

Words and pictures: Alan Dowds

THE long nights are drawing in, and if you're still commuting on the bike, then you're probably riding in darkness at both ends of the day. Trying to avoid the perils of the road is double-hard when you can barely see, and many motorcycles leave a lot to be desired in terms of pure lighting power. Many of the latest models now come with LED headlights which give loads of bright, pure luminance, but if you're riding an older bike, you're probably stuck with old halogen tungsten bulbs.

Unless you fit some aftermarket upgraded lights of course. These Denali lights are sold by R&G Racing in the UK, and make a good add-on riding light set-up. Here's how to fit them, in five easy steps…

1: Kit up

The Denali kits come in various forms – pairs of small pods, larger multi-LED setups and even whole replacement headlamp units. We're fitting a pair of the smaller D2 pods to a Hayabusa here, with a universal fitting kit which you can adapt to the fork bottoms. Other kits fit to the crash bars on adventure bikes, mudguard bracket or bottom yokes on naked bikes. 



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