Zef Eisenberg death: He spent his life ‘pushing the boundaries’

The family of the late Zef Eisenberg have paid tribute to the man who ‘injected positivity’ into everyone he met

 Zef Eisenberg

THE millionaire fitness brand founder Zef Eisenberg was killed last week in a crash attempting a land speed record in a highly modified Porsche sports car.

Reports suggest Mr Eisenberg’s car veered off the Elvington airfield runway at the end of the run. Initial reports suggest the car was travelling at over 200mph at the time.

This week, Mr Eisenberg’s family have paid tribute to the man who is said to have ‘injected his positivity into everyone he came into contact with.

The family of Zef Eisenberg pays tribute to the man who pushed the boundaries 

Eisenberg was a former bodybuilder, founding the Maximuscle health food brand in 1995 while just 22 years old. The brand quickly grew and was sold to GlaxoSmithKline for a reported £162m.

That left Eisenberg free to follow one of his other loves, speed. He set up the Madmax Racing Team and focussed on straight-line speed records on both two and four wheels. He also helps to nurture and grow talent is his adopted home of Guernsey and the rest of the UK.

He was approached by some skaters and ended up funding, building, and maintaining a 15,000sq-ft skatepark on the island. He also back hill-climb racer Darren Warwick, the Guernsey Badminton Association, and was awarded the Simms Medal by the RAC in October 2019

Over the course of his career, Eisenberg set more than 90 British, World, UKTA, ACU, and Guinness Speed Records on two wheels and four. The most recent of those came at Elvington in late September when he set four new FIA benchmarks on the EISENBERG V8 motorcycle.

Eisenberg leaves behind his partner Mirella D’Antonio and two children.