What are the best motorcycle experience days in 2021?

If you've been going mad indoors for the last year and are after something new, here are some of the best UK motorcycle experience days to be had in 2021.

Royal Enfield Slide School group

MOTORCYCLE experience days have been popular forever, let me just say that right out of the gate. But it’s in the past year-and-a-bit that punters have seemingly gone mad staring out the window longingly, wishing for something new to try whilst the world repairs itself - experience days are now all the rage and more popular than ever.

Whether looking to simply have a laugh on someone else's bike, try new toys in new places, or improve your riding skills, as events start to open up again we seem to be entering into a new age of UK-wide experience days. 

At Visordown we have been fortunate enough to attend a number of the best experience days in the past & present; from track days, plenty of off-road adventures, flat-track tutorage and everything in between, here’s some of the best motorcycle experiences available this year - there's links in each section, so get clickin' for more info.

Off-road Adventure Experience with Triumph 

Based at the foot of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, Triumph’s Adventure Experience is open to those who are after a new adventure experience and/or training from the dedicated fully trained Triumph team. 

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You’re able to ride the latest Triumph motorcycles, including the Tiger 900, 1200 XC, 800 XC, Street Scrambler & Scrambler 1200.

Flat track riding with Dirt Craft & Royal Enfield 

Getting the back end out on a flat track sounds like it’ll be incredibly easy, and whilst it’s certainly easy enough to get going, it’s incredibly difficult to master - and absolutely addicting to get right. 

With dates throughout the year at various top UK flat track venues, superstar Gary Birtwistle takes you through the steps to master the art of flat track riding atop some custom-built Royal Enfield Himalayans. Brilliant fun, highly recommend it!

Read the full Dirt Craft Flat Track feature.

KTM Sweet Lamb off-road experience

KTM sent us out to their state-of-the-art/dirt Sweet Lamb complex in Wales to try out the latest 890 Adventure platform, and it gave us another chance to test out the fantastic venue.

Get out there for a weekend of fun, it’s a top venue and some genuinely top guys are to be found there.

Honda Adventure Experience - Devon

Rounding up the adventure experience, we’ve in the past tested out the Honda Adventure Experience in Devon on the then-new CRF1100L Africa Twin. 

There’s a lot of adventure complexes out there, but this was a certainly memorable experience - some top Visordown photos have been taken here, too!

Yamaha Track Experience - VIP track day!

If you’ve ever fancied a track day, Yamaha offers a fantastic package at some of the best venues in the UK - from Silverstone and Brands Hatch to Snetterton and Donington Park.

As well as having your choice from a selection of the finest Yamaha machines including the R1, R6, MT-09 SP, and Niken (soon joined by the R7), the Yamaha team can provide everything you need to literally turn up and ride.

Perfect for any rider of any ability who fancies a go on track, and if you want the full scoop read the YTE feature. Cracking day out!

Learn to wheelie at Wheelie School

Who'd have though going back to school would be so fun. Last year we tried out the Yamaha Extreme Wheelie School to get the low down on lifting the front wheel (on private property).

If you’ve ever wanted to safely learn how to get that front wheel up, this is the place.

Best motorcycle experience days in the UK - Wales, Scotland, Cornwall!

Not all experiences have to be paid… If your touring map has shrunk to the local UK as opposed to further afield, don’t feel dismayed - there are some incredible roads to be found across the UK. Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, and everywhere in between; it’s all there to be explored and discovered. 

Set your sights for the unfamiliar and you’ll be amazed at what’s right on the proverbial doorstep. Some tours can be guided, like the Highland Scramble with Royal Enfield, others can be entirely self-led. Horses for courses and all that. 

Take some camping gear and hit the road, or if you prefer that touch of luxury on your travels, you can find places like the Nick Sanders Expedition Centre that stayed at whilst touring Wales on the Tracer 9 GT.

There are plenty more motorcycle experience days to be found out there in the UK - including those that are entirely free to use, like your local byway - but this list just acts as a bit of a starting point if you’re after something new. 

Get out there and explore!

Yamaha Track Experience With Jason O’Halloran | Yamaha R6, R1 Niken on Track | Visordown.com