Vote for Ducati's 848 Challenge girls

Decide who will be the Ducati 848 Challenge Girls for the final round at Silverstone

The search for Ducati's 848 Challenge Girls for the final round at Silverstone has begun. See the girls below and vote for your favourites by clicking 'Like' at the top of their individual profile page.

The 12 girls with the highest number of 'Likes' will be chosen to become 848 Challenge VIP grid girls on Sunday's 848 Challenge race. We'll announce the winners on Tuesday 18th September. The winners will experience VIP treatment and lunch in Ducati's hospitality before lining up with one of the top riders from the exciting 848 Challenge series.

If you'd like to be in with a chance of being a VIP grid girl then click here to enter.

Ducati 848 Challenge shortlist.

Vote for your favourites by clicking 'Like' on their page.

Charlotte, 20, Essex

Lucie, 22, Surrey

Josephine, 19, Merseyside

Meleisha, 23, Yorkshire

Yasmin, 19, Bedfordshire

Kirsty, 19, Flintshire

Lynsey, 27, Cumbria

Lorna, 23, London

Esther, 29, Devon

Tara, 23, London

Samantha, 26, Essex

Kheena, 21, Northamptonshire

Karmella, 24, East Sussex

Zoi, 32, Oxfordshire

Gigi, 24, Essex

Gladys, 21, London

Verity, 18, Warwickshire

Sophie, 24, Essex

Serena, 21, Leicestershire

Bryony, 20, Surrey

Charlotte, 21, Lancashire

Suzie, 27, Cheshire

Rebecca, 23, London

Faye, 21, Staffordshire

Holly, 20, East Sussex

Kelly, 24, Devon

Joanna, 19, Norfolk

Charlotte, 23, Derbyshire

Anna, 24, Northamptonshire

Diane, 22, Hertfordshire

Zoe, 20, Essex

Ayme, 19, Essex

Kirsty, 28, Nottinghamshire

Stacey, 24, Cheshire

Sarah, 23, Leicestershire

Liz, 25, Yorkshire

Philly, 24, Cambridgeshire

Rachel, 23, Staffordshire

Gemma, 26, Derbyshire

Cassie, 23, Manchester

Becky, 20, West Sussex

Sarah-Jane, 20, Northamptonshire

Kathryn, 22, London

Gerda, 19, Norfolk

Jodie, 18, Lancashire

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