WDW: Hyper Evo Testastretta

Just one of a few custom bikes at World Ducati Week

Spotted at World Ducati Week, is this the ultimate Hypermotard?

Created from a Multistrada 1000 rolling chassis, the Hyper Evo Testastretta uses the engine from a 1098S. Just look at it - a decent shoe horn would have been needed to get that lump in there. Infact the guy building it had quite a job to fit the motor in there, having to cut the frame and change mounts just to fit the engine in, then there was the small case of finding room for the radiator.

Purists probably won't like the fact it's ditched the air-cooled lump for a watercooled motor, making this more like a Monster S4 RS on stilts, but I love it.

As well as the beefy engine, the Hyper Evo TS features gas-pressurised forks and Brembo monobloc brakes. Other touches include the custom-made exhausts and although it's missing the 'beak' of the Hypermotard, the bodywork has been custom made.

I'm not sure how that rad would hold up in a spill but apart from that, full marks to the guy who built it - I think it looks fantastic.