UK & European Motorcycle Track Guide

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The surface, layout and safety here are first class, not to mention the stunning coastal backdrop which is pretty when the sun shines. But beware – it can also deliver the harshest Welsh weather. Power and shelter are limited in the paddock (hence no BSB here yet) but the café is excellent. Click here for the Anglesey circuit guide.


I’ve ridden nearly every sports bike from 600cc to 1200cc round here and there’s more fun to be had on a smaller bike. The long straights are great for giving an R1 the berries but an R6 will ultimately be more satisfying through the many undulations and twists that make up the bottom part of the circuit. Click here for the Almeria circuit guide.

Brands Hatch

It may have lost its World Superbike round but make no mistake, the Brands Hatch GP circuit is still one of the best racetracks in the world. I’ve had the privilege of racing or riding every major circuit on the planet and, as a special riding experience, Brands is up there with the best. Click here for the Brands Hatch circuit guide.

Cadwell Park

I’ve always liked Cadwell Park; unfortunately it didn’t always like me. My advice to first timers would be to give the circuit respect and be patient. Simply going round and round will allow you to absorb its many quirks and you’ll find your lap times will fall without having to push. Click here for the Cadwell Park circuit guide.


Cartagena is a great track for setting-up bikes as with around 14 tricky low-speed corners, three medium-speed corners, some good high-speed braking and a decent length of start/finish straight. The surface is first rate with very few bumps as it gently rises and falls round a bowl in what looks very much like a massive disused quarry. Click here for the Cartagena circuit guide.

Donington Park

Donington Park may have lost MotoGP but believe me this is still one of the safest and most challenging circuits in the world. Four-time 500cc World Champion Eddie Lawson may have moaned that the Melbourne Loop section was like a ‘parking lot’ but seven-time champ Valentino Rossi rates Donny as one of his favourite circuits. Click here for the Donington Park circuit guide.


Some key features you’ll notice are the UFO style race control on your right as you exit the pit lane, the fantastic sweep onto the back straight and the mega-fast double rights behind the pits. The track is billiard table smooth, flanked with acres of run-off and to top it all you’ll most likely be basking in hot sunshine between sessions. Click here for the Jerez circuit guide.


Knockhill may be just over one mile long but it’s variety of corners and elevation changes make every lap an adventure. Racing at Laguna Seca in California and Sugo in Japan reminded me a lot of Knockhill, it's a mixture of quirky downhill twists and heavy braking from high speeds. I don’t know any racer that doesn’t like Knockhill as mastering this physically demanding circuit always delivers immense satisfaction. Click here for the Knockhill circuit guide.

Mallory Park

Mallory Park may only be 1.3 miles long but this famous Leicestershire circuit will still give you plenty of thrills per lap. Although cars still race on the original circuit, bikes have to use the Edwina and Bus Stop chicanes however these sections are good fun and provide interesting challenges for riders. Click here for the Mallory Park circuit guide.

Oulton Park

With 130mph tree-lined avenues, a heavily banked hairpin and a start finish straight that is actually one long corner, Oulton Park is as special as they come. There’s nothing more spectacular than standing by the exit of Deers Leap when thirty Superbikes appear from nowhere thundering round on their first lap then quickly disappearing again round Old Hall. Click here for the Oulton Park circuit guide.


Pembrey may only be 1.5 miles long but the interesting layout means there is never a dull moment no matter how many laps you complete. The fast straights mean you can stretch the legs of bigger bikes but 125cc and 400cc riders will have fun on the twisty sections. There is decent run off all the way round and the bacon butties are superb. Click here to read the Pembrey circuit guide.


The Autodromo Internacional Algarve, near Portimao in Portugal, is unique. The high-speed rollercoaster track layout is like no other. It’s no surprise that many World Superbike racers reckon this track provides the biggest challenge of their season. Click here to read the Portimao circuit guide.


I’m glad Rockingham is surviving but I was gutted at the opening and still am today. A Valencia type facility would easily have fitted the space available and probably cost less. It is not a complete disaster however, and while it may not be in the UK’s top ten, the shorter (1.7m) national circuit I’m about to talk you round is still fun, quite challenging and most importantly very safe. Click here for the Rockingham circuit guide.


Some people complain that Snetterton is simply a case of riding up one way then down another, but I disagree. Sure it’s virtually flat and pretty featureless but I still believe there’s fun to be had and riding skills to be learned. Click here for the Snetterton circuit guide.

Snetterton 300

The original Snetterton circuit was always worth a visit but with only two left hand corners it wasn’t the most challenging of tracks. This also made it plain dangerous as the left side of your tyre would always run cooler than the right. That’s all changed now as MSV have spent some serious money adding a new infield section and altering the last corner making the run onto the start finish much safer. Click here for the Snetterton 300 circuit guide.

Silverstone GP

The completion of the all new Silverstone GP circuit means we finally have a motorsport facility to match any other in the world. The combination of ultra fast straights linked with every type of corner you could ever ask for, makes Silverstone special. Click here for the Silverstone GP circuit guide.

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