Reader's Rides: The Welsh TT

Rowan Evans, 36, is a car mechanic working in Swansea. He rides what he says is a 'ratty 15-year-old CBR600'. This is his Sunday morning 50-mile warm-up, something of a Welsh TT.

"I join this loop at Ystalyfera - that's pronounced 'hastala vera' - and first off it's a steady-away run up the A4067 toward Sennybridge, being mostly 40 and 50mph roads until you clear Abercraf. It's a
gentle warm-up on the sweeping climb up to the castle at Craig-y-Nos, then another mile and a half to the left turn for Trecastle.

This is a sub-class road that jumps, kicks, dives and flicks right alongside the River Tawe. It's mostly a one-car-narrow lane and the scenery  is spot-on.

When you get to Trecastle it's a left onto the A40, for a stretch that, if you had to liken it to the TT, would be something like 11th Milestone through to Barregarrow. All 100mph stuff if the roads were closed - if you get my meaning.

After a decent breakfast at the West End cafe in Llandovery, get on the Llangadog road (A4069) which starts right opposite the West End. This road is mint. Once in Llangadog you're looking for a sharp left, almost hidden in the houses, signposted to Brynaman (still A4069).

This road takes you over Black Mountain. The first section will remind TT types of the Glentramman run - trees, walls, bumps and driveways. Fun at speed, hellish, but beware the risks. You'll know when you've hit the Black Mountain proper when you cross the cattle grid. Now you're on the Mountain section. The difference here is the road is narrower, the sheep are unfenced, the corners are tighter, with the odd hairpin, and it's not technically what you would call 'speed limit free'. Care is needed on the run down from the top into Brynaman as the corners rush up on you and are tighter than they first look. Once you get to Brynaman it's best to think 'Douglas' - it's 30 and 40mph (plus speed cameras) from here on back to Ystalfera. Local police have had to deal with a number of deaths on these roads recently, mostly out-of-town bikers, so don't go stupid."