Reader's Rides: The Egham TT

The Egham TT was submitted by Aaron Mortimer who discovered it while bunking off study at the University of Londo

LOCATION: Egham, M25 J13
DESCRIPTION: Tight and twisty 4.3 mile TT course
SURFACE: Bumpy sections, two level crossings, student vomit on racing line, no Shellgrip
SKILLS PRACTISED: Hard braking, hazard avoidance

This tidy 4.3 mile circuit circles the University. Due to the number of roundabouts it is best run in a clockwise direction.

Kicking off at the Monkeys Forehead pub, wave your goodbyes to the hoards of great unwashed and blast up to 40mph before hitting the brakes hard for the first mini roundabout. Power past the Ferrari dealership displaying your sportscar-beating raw acceleration up to 50mph then tuck behind the bike's screen for the mile straight. Popping out from behind the bubble, slam on the anchors and hook a hard right at the roundabout to scream through Egham, listening to your exhaust note reverberate off the shop's windows at 29mph. Snick it down one for the S-bend then it's out into suburbia.

Care needs to be taken negotiating the first of two level crossings, stand up slightly in the seat and absorb the kick. Legend has it a lecturer once took it at 30mph on his BSA in the 1960s, but we advise you stick to 27mph.

Another right and you're in the flatout open section where the brave should be able to push speeds close to the national limit. Just remember the second level crossing, no heroics this close to home.

Brush the ivy covered wall through the final few bends, power up Prune Lane, hang a sharp right at the lights and it's head down at 28mph as you cross the finish line at the Monkeys Forehead. A good time, according to Aaron is 5 minutes 30 seconds.