Power-cruiser shootout: Harley-Davidson FXDR vs Triumph Rocket 3

With the power-cruiser motorcycle market getting ever more popular, we help you to make a choice between the Harley-Davidson FXDR and the Triumph Rocket 3

IF you’re in the market for a big, brawny and attention-grabbing power-cruiser, there is no better time than now to add one to your garage.

Power-cruisers (or performance cruisers as they are sometimes called) litter the 2020 motorcycle market, with pretty much every main manufacturer having either a current one in their range, a recently discontinued model or something in development for the future.

And that’s both good and bad for consumers… while the breadth of choice means you can take your pick of configurations, capacities, and power-outputs, it does make settling on the model that’s right for you that little bit harder.

To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we’ve been riding and reviewing the best power-cruisers the motorcycle industry has to offer. We’ve already covered the Ducati Diavel vs the Triumph Rocket 3 – check out that video here – but now the Hinckley contender has to take on the might of the oldest maker of cruisers and power-cruisers alike: Harley-Davidson and their new FXDR.

While Harley has been making raked out power cruisers for nearly 50-years, Triumph is a relative newcomer to the field, introducing their Thunderbird and Rocket 3 models in an effort to crack the lucrative US market some years ago.

Can the plucky Brit’ up-start really take it to the American giants?

Harley-Davidson FXDR and Triumph Rocket 3 specs

Harley-Davidson FXDR

Triumph Rocket 3

Price (from)



Power (claimed)



Torque (claimed)

160Nm (118ft-lbs)

221Nm (163ft-lbs)

Weight (dry)



Insurance group



Tank size



Seat height




You only need to look at the numbers and you could already declare a non-contest. Same price, same weight but the other has a whopping 74 hp more.

The HD could add a third cylinder and it would still lose.

The triumph is an amazing ride to go with ! i like it.

Denis from www.mecaniqueindustrielle.ca

I want to ride that bike so much !

Denis from www.tondrainfrancais.com

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I had buyers remorse about 10 minutes into my first ride on the Harley. Clutch burnt out on a brand new bike and had to go through weeks of fighting to get it replaced under warranty. No technology, horrible awful dash design, horrible seating position. Basically you buy a Harley its the first step into a huge money pit to get it to where you want. The fact that a Stage IV Kit still cant compete with any modern bike makes me wonder what they are thinking at Harley. I really hope folks vote with their wallets and force them to evolve or move the company to leadership that can compete. The Rocket costs less and just slays in every metric. The only thing they could have done better would have been a Large single tablet like display.

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