Nail of the week: Jaguar V12 trike

It's white, shite and far from all right

Imagine...just you and the road in perfect harmony

Seating layout the same as a McLaren F1, only 600bhp less

IT'S THAT time of the week again folks, where we take some poor unsuspecting owner's pride and joy and humiliate it for no other reason than our own small-minded gratification. Welcome, people, to Nail of The Week!

This week we've been sent a V12 Jag trike, in brilliant white - it's certainly an eye catcher!

The owners says in the advert:

'Here's your chance to own one of the fastest things on 3 wheels - if you've got the bottle to open her up! This Stunning Trike is a real head turner, one of a kind and sounds awesome with it's stainless steel open exhaust system. It has a 5.3 litre V12 Jaguar fuel injected engine, which purrs with a 90psi oil pressure'.

What a beauty!