Litter warden tickets biker for accidentally dropping his cigarettes

Is this justified or is the warden a jobsworth?


with guys like this (and Bexit) your country is well F****D

I think this thing is good the police should be strict like this so we can be aware of the things wo do in our daily routine and that is inappropriate. I have read this this thing is useful you guys should also read this.

A total jobsworth. So you aren't allowed to drop something now without some idiot trying to ticket you for it?

Where was this? Maybe organise a ride-in and all drop a single item of litter after missing your pocket....

What a twat... last month a friend of mine broke a tooth while eating the sandwich and after spitting it out he got fined £50! I mean he really hit two birds with one stone. Where the fuck are community officers when the crimes or antisocial behaviour take place? Nowhere... It’s like a monthly python sketch. Seriously this country is a joke. Not the funny one though. I hope the police arrived and sorted the tosser.

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