Indonesian scooter racer takes out competitor with sandbag

Sportsmanship at its finest...

Indonesian scooter racer takes out competitor with sandbag

'REVENGE is a dish best served cold' states the age old adage. 

However, it appears no-one told this Indonesian scooter racer, who decided to act out his revenge on a fellow competitor immediately, and painfully... 

The pair were taking part in the 2017 Bondowoso Road Race in East Java on November 12, which looks more like bumper scooters than an actual competition. 

Just after the racers come around the first corner, the yellow-vested rider nudges his opponent from his bike, sending him crashing into the barriers.

Whereas in most cases, the race would have been red flagged at this point, the action continues and the crashed rider decides to enact his own punishement. 

Strolling to the middle of the track, he picks up a barrier sandbag and waits until his archenemy (who taunts him with a wheelie) rides past. 

We'll leave you to figure out the rest, but suffice to say this guy's bowling career looks more promising than his racing...