5 Best Motocross Goggles From Smith, Oakley And 100%

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Covering all budgets and various types, here’s our list of the best motocross goggles, originally published by Noob Norm and the Beginner’s Guide To Motocross.


Like any motocross rider, I’ve owned a tonne of MX goggles over the last decade or so.

You name it, I’ve owned them: roll-offs, tear-offs, goggles with light sensitive lenses, vented enduro with anti-fog, and even some designed specifically for dusty races.

Before counting down the top 5 picks, we’ll quickly run through what to look for when buying goggles, what to avoid, the brands producing the best motocross goggles, and a few recommendations from personal experience.

Which Are The Best Brands, And The Best Cheap MX Goggles?

Each rider has that one pair of goggles that they prefer. It comes down to breathability, fit, the type of roll-off/tear-off system you use and more.

Regardless, you’ll want to avoid any unknown brands.

I’ve used a couple of cheap MX goggles. And, my experience wasn’t a good one.

Here’s what I found with all the cheap MX goggles I’ve tried:

  • Steamed up and had me sweating like a roast dinner.
  • Had poor quality lenses that scratched up quickly, so needed replacing.

For that reason, I’m not recommending any goggles that I’ve not heard of before, or used myself.

The Best Motocross Goggle Brands

Here’s a list of reputable brands that make goggles specifically for motocross.

I’ve either used them myself, or other people I race with have.





Pro Grip

Smith Optics

Fox Racing


And, of that list, there’s only a few whereby their core business involves goggles.

For example, Fox Racing, whilst they are high-quality, are an action sports clothing brand, not a goggle/glasses company.

100%, Spy, Smith and Oakley are the four brands I’d consider to be specialists in this field.


So now that's covered... Let's get stuck in to the best picks!


Best Roll-Off Goggles

Smith Optics Fuel

Price: £40 

The Smith roll-offs I’ve got in my kit bag right now, are the Evo goggles. They are the low-end goggle, with a roll-off fitting kit. All-in, they cost around £40. But, they’ve lasted that long, I’m not sure they even make them anymore.

Smith Optics do a roll-off kit for about £10. You can then install the kit on any set of Smith goggles.

Looking at the new range, I’d be leaning towards the Smith Optics Fuel, which are £40.

So, all in with the roll-off kit, you’ll be looking at £50.

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