Indian Army display team breaks record with 58 men on a motorbike

Don't try this at home...

IT'S not uncommon to see whole families aboard one motorcycle in India. But 58 riders sounds next to impossible. 

The Indian Army Service Corps Display team, aka the Tornadoes, has done just that, breaking the previous World Record of 56 - also set by them in 2010.

The feat took place at Bangalore Yelahanka Air Base, where the 58 men, with colour co-ordinated helmets making up the Indian flag, progressively climbed aboard a 500cc Royal Enfield. They then rode the bike in a straight line for 1.2km (0.75 miles). Very impressive!

The team are regular record breakers. Since Colonel C.N. Rao and Captain J.P Verma formed the display team thirty-five years ago they have broken twenty of them 

Sadly, Britain's equivalent of the Tornadoes - the White Helmets - was disbanded in September, after 90 years of service. Watch the team's final show here.