Ducati Panigale V4R Vs. Airstrip: How fast can it go?

Visordown unleashes the Ducati Panigale V4R’s full potential at Bruntingthorpe proving ground airstrip, but what is its highest recorded top speed of the day?

Ducati Panigale V4R

Now, we all know the Panigale V4R is fast, really fast. But let’s be honest, on a public road trying to top out a V4R is dangerous and darn right irresponsible. Plus, I wouldn’t do well in prison, I’m too skinny. 

Luckily, there’s a magical place called Bruntingthorpe, in Leicestershire, where all the 221 ponies that exist within the magical Desmosedici Stradale 90° power unit can be unleashed. Throttle pinned. 

Here’s how we got on:

Data is king. So, to be sure about the kinds of speeds we were hitting on the V4R, we strapped a V-Box Sport data logger to the rear of the bike and recorded 0-60, 30-70, 50-70 and 60-130mph times. The duct tape is for 5 extra horsepower…

The first speed run of the day results are as follows: 

0-60 = 3.72 seconds 

30-70 = 2.28 seconds

50-70 = 1.11 seconds

60-130 = 5.81 seconds

Top speed = 173.7mph (V-box Data)

Best Run of the day:

0-60 = 3.22 seconds 

30-70 = 2.18 seconds

50-70 = 1.08 seconds

60-130 = 5.61 seconds

Top speed = 181.7mph (V-box Data)

Needless to say, the acceleration of the V4R is relentless - with the motor seemingly never hitting the 16,500rpm redline!

Best high-speed run of the day data.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the full 2.5-mile runway to play on, we still had just over a mile though. And we certainly we made the most of it, with Toad clocking an indicated top speed of ---, which means he was doing over 183mph on the dash. A glitch in the matrix type sh*t!

However, Although the dash indicated speeds of over 183mph the GPS data logger recorded a speed of around 181.7mph - which is still pretty good going. 

Ok, it could go faster on a longer airstrip, but just look at those acceleration figures - absolutely ferocious y’all!

Also, a big thank you to the Lightning Preservation Group for letting us film the V4R under the English Electric Lightning’s wing.