6 Best 125cc bikes for first-time bikers that want to look cool

Visordown brings you six of the best 125cc bikes that will guarantee to make you look the business too; from naked bikes to cruisers, we pick out the best.

Kawasaki Z 125

When you think 125cc, cool doesn’t automatically come to mind... practical, fun and cheap does though. However, it’s the 21st Century and there are some wicked looking ‘cool’ 125cc bikes out there.

We at Visordown, understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we split our top six coolest bikes into three sections: Naked, sports and retro/cruiser. 

Best 125cc Bikes - Naked

1. Kawasaki Z 125 

After riding this fun little machine at the launch in Malaga, I was mega impressed by its edgy aggressive style and sports bike like handling. Yes, that’s right, this baby Z handles like a dream, all thanks to its Ninja H2 derived trellis frame. 

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2. Honda CB 125R 

The smallest bike in the CB series, and mimicking the looks of the big daddy CB 1000R Neo Sports Cafe, the little CB 125 R has all the muscle and bark, without the bite. You’d be hard-pressed not to admit this bike looks groovy (especially in black). 

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Ride either of these two naked bikes and you’ll be sure to feel the cool factor. I know I did. 


3. Aprilia RS4 125 

By far one of the most exotic looking 125cc motorcycles out there, the RS4 125 looks like a mirror image of the stunning RSV4 superbike. At a distance of more than twenty meters, it’s only the single-cylinder sound that would give the RS4 125 away. 

With its upside-down forks, sharp bodywork and swopping aluminum frame, the learner legal RS4 is an absolute stunner. Who wouldn’t feel cool riding something which looked this good? 

It was a close call between this motorcycle and the YZF- 125R, but the Aprilia just clinched it due to its extra GP pedigree. 

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4. Kawasaki Ninja 125 

Now, the bright green colour might not float everyone’s boat (other options are available), but, to the true racing fans out there the KRT colours symbolise years of racing heritage and dominance on the track. 

This little green machine is a proper head-turner, and with an aftermarket arrow exhaust fitted sounds awesome. Plus, at 14hp this puppy can certainly hustle. 

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Best 125cc Bikes - Retro / Cruiser

5. Herald Classic 125 

British bike maker Herald has designed a stunning retro motorcycle, complete with a classic peashooter exhaust and a modern air-cooled motor. 

Fun, good looking and well priced. I think it’s safe to say this modern classic looks pretty neat. 

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6. AJS Highway Star

Like something straight out of Sons of Anarchy, the Highway Star has the presence of a beefy highway cruiser - without the need to do your full license. Pretty cool eh? 

The AJS is perfect for anyone who loves the feeling of being planted on the tarmac, in a comfortable and low seating position. Buy a leather jacket and jeans to match, and this is as close as you can get to a real Hog - without the hefty price tag. 

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