5 Best Motocross Goggles From Smith, Oakley And 100% - 2

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Best Goggles For Enduro & Trail Riding

Oakley Enduro Goggles

Price: £40

I’ve got 2 pairs of these in my kit bag.

If you take a look at the Oakley Enduro Goggles, they are pretty much the same as the Oakley O-Frames.

The only difference is the lens and foam around the brow area. It’s much more breathable.

The vented foam and lens gets rid of most fog build-up.

More importantly, when these goggles do fog up, they will de-fog. Most motocross goggles, once they fog up, that’s it!

At £40, they’re a good deal.

OK, so they are not the roll-offs that I prefer for enduro type riding, but they do have tear-off pins.

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