How to design your own BMW motorcycle.

Welcome to the 21st century

How to design your own BMW motorcycle.

GONE are the days of fordism with everyone riding the exact same bike, instead the 21st Century is all about individualism. Nothing shows that more than BMW's 'Spezial', allowing you to design your own motorcycle. In their own words, the German manufacturer has said:

"With BMW Motorrad Spezial, you get a bike with your personal touches and the highest quality standards.

BMW Motorrad Spezial also offers you high-quality optional accessories like performance-enhancing HP Parts or the Machined Parts, with which you can subsequently upgrade and personalise your motorcycle."

A big part of BMW's Spezial is the 'Option 719'. This includes formative special equipment like exclusive milled part sets or high-quality forged wheels. Additionally, it includes optional accessories that give the bike that little bit more class and help it stand out.

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