Five tips for getting back on a motorcycle after a crash

Using a crash as the impetus to become a better rider

By Alan Dowds

BIKES can fall over – we all know this. And people can fall off them.

Hopefully it'll be something minor of course. But even the most insignificant spill can have lasting effects on your riding confidence. Worst case, some riders just give up altogether, unable to get their spirits up to get back on the road. Here, then, are some thoughts aimed at helping you return to riding after a crash.

1: Practicalities

If you've been injured, then screw the nut, and don’t rush back until you're properly healed. Head injuries and concussion can affect you for much longer than you may think, so if there's any dizziness or fuzzy thinking remaining, keep off the bike.

Similarly, broken bones or soft tissue damage can leave you weak, and unable to deal with minor incidents – like overbalancing at the lights, say. Stick with the bus or train till you feel 100%.

Ditto your bike: make sure any crash damage has been properly looked at and fixed before you venture out once more.



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