Developing your 'mental radar system' when riding in traffic

Because BAE hasn't made a helmet-mounted radar yet

By Alan Dowds

FIGHTER jets have complex radar systems to let them know what's going on around them. Bikers could do with something similar – but until BAE builds us all a helmet-mounted phased-array setup, we need to use something else...

You can, to a degree, do something similar in your head, by constant scanning of inputs, then analysing and building up an internal 'radar screen' of what's around you. We all do this all the time of course, but recognising it, honing and training your internal patterns of thinking can improve it. And that will make you faster – and safer – when riding in traffic.

Here are our five tips for developing that mental radar...

1. Conventional inputs

So, let’s start with the basics. The Mark One Human Eyeball is a cracking system – if kept maintained and calibrated with corrective lenses where needed. And only when used to constantly take in the vital stuff around you: other cars, bikes, pedestrians, cyclists, road hazards, etc. So pay attention.



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