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James ‘Jamie’ Dwelly first rode a motorbike aged 8 at Dave ‘Wheelie King’
Taylor's Trail Park aged 8, which resulted in motocross, aided and abetted by
his petrol-headed dad. The (frankly inevitable) crash at 14 may have put him
off the dirt and perforated a disc etc. but, much to the chagrin of his mum,
failed to extinguish the flames of biking.

Since 17, Jamie has owned a succession of fantastic motorcycles, all of which
he regrets parting with, but his trusty Triumph ’76 T140v and ’98 Honda
Fireblade seem to have stuck around. The latter has seen track days, two-up
European adventures and Sunday afternoon thrills; the former, split knuckles,
missing nails and blue language by the side of the road.

Off the bike, Jamie drinks and writes in East London with his long-suffering
wife and young son, who is already showing dangerous signs that this bike
thing may be hereditary. He is, of course, not allowed one.

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