Arai Tour-X4 review | Versatile adventure touring motorcycle helmet

Arai Tour X4 motorcycle helmet review

We spent the last few months riding with the Arai Tour-X4 motorcycle helmet, putting the versatile adventure lid through its paces.

If after a versatile do-it-all motorcycle helmet for adventure riding, the Arai Tour-X4 ticks all of the boxes. With a removable peak, interchangeable visors, and the option to remove the visor altogether and run goggles instead, this lid is well worth a look. 

Packed with features and designed to the current ECE 22-05 safety standards required in 50 countries, the TX4 certainly meets the high standards set by Arai as a premium supplier.

I ‘debuted’ this helmet on the launch of the Zero DSR/X in Italy, and have since been riding with it on numerous adventure touring rides - including the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

Arai Tour-X4 Price & Availability

The Arai Tour-X4 is priced at an RRP of £599, though you tend to regularly find deals online that place it from £400 - £500. It’s certainly a pricey option, but for those looking at the premium brands for protecting your noggin, it’s money spent in the best place.

Available in a huge array of colours, including Diamond White (as pictured), Frost Black, matt colours and colourful variations, even a special Honda Africa Twin design, the TX4 can be grabbed in sizing XS through to XXL - with an outer shell for every two helmet sizes.

The lid also comes with a 5-year warranty, effective against defects in materials and workmanship - and Arai pride itself on stating an average of 18 man-hours go into each helmet with 5 separate quality-control steps once made. Each expert can also take up to 5 years to earn the right to create an Arai shell!

Arai Tour-X4 Features

Jumping to the features, the Arai has plenty to note. We’ll start with the peak, which as an adventure lid is one of the more prominent features. I found that the peak itself is fairly lightweight, well-shaped to block glare from the sun, and works in unison with under-peak forehead vents to direct plenty of the captured wind from the peak to your head. 

On the point of ventilation, it’s a very well-vented helmet. Dual intakes on the forehead, a three-position chin vent with an inner shutter to block any debris, and side exhausts keep everything nice and cool. There is no chin-curtain, mind, which does mean in adverse weather you can become a bit exposed to debris and water from below.

With an outer shell of Complex Fibre Laminate (CFL) to deliver structural strength and integrity, plus providing impact flexibility to spread any impact force to the entire shell, and though not required for European standard accreditation, Arai performs a 3kg test cone penetration test to ensure safety. Fitted also is an Emergency Release System if things do go south on a ride.

The total weight (with peak and visor installed) is around 1710g. Though not a lightweight, I’ve had no complaints wearing this lid on full-day tours - no neck-ache in sight.

Visibility is top, here, and the visor (which comes with a pinlock) can be removed if you prefer to ride with goggles. I will note that removing the visor for attaching the pinlock is a right faff, where you need to remove the plastic screws for the peak, the peak itself, and pop out the visor before doing it all again to re-install the visor and peak.

Also, when screwing the plastic screws back in, take real care not to over-tighten them with your coin.

Arai Tour-X4 Comfort & Fit

I found the Tour-X4 to be a very comfortable fitting lid, which is no doubt thanks to the Facial Contour System and quality interior padding, which is removable (and therefore replaceable & washable), and a dry-cool liner. Also fitted are 5mm ‘peel away’ cheek, temple, and forehead pads to ensure a good fit.

If riding with glasses or sunglasses, there is plenty of room inside, and whilst researching I noted other owners & wearers commenting that specs will fit fine and comfortably.

Riding at normal speeds has a little bit of wind-noise seep in, so riding with earplugs (as always) is recommended, but buffeting is only really noticeable if riding at higher speeds and turning your head to the left or right.

Wind can catch the peak, naturally, but not to the extent you think your head is about to pop off - you can just as easily point your head down to keep everything stable. 

That top ventilation from the lid does wonders to keep your head cool & comfortable for long days in the saddle, and I have had no issues with any fogging up internally.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’re well advised to test for size in person before purchasing, as sizes vary between manufacturers.

Arai Tour-X4 Verdict

I’d absolutely recommend adventure and touring riders to consider this helmet. Though a high ticket price, it’s up there as one of the best on the market for adventure and touring riders - in true Arai fashion - and many riders will swear by them. 

In terms of specs and features, the versatility of the lid is top - you could ride with this on any bike, removing the peak if you’re after a more street-wise lid. If riding off-road or touring, the peak does a lot of work to ensure ventilation and protection, and in any situation the visibility is superb. 

You’re paying the price for a hand-crafted top-spec lid, here, and whilst not yet the incoming future standard of ECE 22.06, you’ll ride with the comfort of knowing it’s properly safe. Looks nice, also!

Simply put, the Arai Tour-X4 gets the Visordown stamp of approval for adventure and touring riders. There’s a reason they are Japan’s most famous motorcycle helmet manufacturer.

More info found on the Arai website.

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