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Buyers Guide: Triumph Daytona 675 p2

All the info, and barring a few moans most of it good, on Triumph’s middleweight missile from the people who know it best – owners

The nuts & bolts

Overall very good. 72% of owners had no problems at all while 14% suffered one minor problem and another 14% had a few problems. None had loads. That’s one of the best bikes we’ve surveyed but you’d expect a good score as they’re fairly new machines and most are still main dealer serviced and under warranty. So what does go wrong? The most common problem is regulator/rectifier failure with 10% of the bikes in the survey having had failures and replacements. Some owners say it’s been repositioned on the 2009 model but Triumph say that’s not correct. The other common problem is the exhaust valve causing grief in some form or another, often seizing. Again 10% of bikes in the survey had this problem at some stage. Otherwise there was just a smattering of unrelated, fairly minor issues and certainly nothing to worry about. A big thumbs up for reliability of the 675.

But that’s not to suggest an abused bike won’t have wear issues. Check the oil level and listen to the engine running, cold from start-up and hot after a good thrash, for any untoward noises. Battery life can be short too and we’ve heard of a couple of issues with the gear indicator so make sure that’s working 100% as well. A small number of early bikes had issues with the wiring loom and clocks, often because water had got into them.

We asked owners what they’d check for if buying a used 675. The most popular answer was crash damage. Also mentioned were gearbox action – none are super slick and some are worse than others, a tapping noise from the engine could just be the camchain (an improved tensioner was fitted to 2009 onwards bikes) or could be a sign of a major problem, and finally oil level – some bikes do burn a little and if the level’s allowed to run low that can be catastrophic. It’s worth making sure the exhaust valve is fully functioning too.

77% of owners are happy with the  finish. Those that aren’t only seem to have minor grumbles. Chris Philpott says: “Triumph Jet Black paint abrades and gets swirls just by looking at it, so it seems. That’s what happened on my 675 and my Speed Triple.” Engine cases can corrode if not cared for and the black frame and swingarm can mark easily, especially if cleaned with powerful solvents. There’s the usual mention of fastener quality but less than most models. All round it’s a well finished bike.

Dealers and culture
It’s a bike with a small but keen following. There’s an excellent dedicated user forum and it’s worth checking out if you’re keen to get involved in meets, ride outs and general social stuff  in the UK. Dealers are reasonably well regarded in the main but prices of parts and servicing are considered quite high.

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Owner Case Study: “...quite a louda ticking noise from the left..”

Liam Fromyhr’s had his 2009 bike for less than a year but has already covered 13,000 miles on it

“First, I had a number of small issues with the exhaust valve motor and actuator cables after some minor stutters in the engine. Eventually both the cables and servo motor were replaced. Second, there was an intermittent major stutter in the engine several times which resulted in a loss of power, no throttle control and a sort of locking up/spluttering. Then when it came good again there was a surge in power which nearly made me crash once.  I took it in to my Triumph dealer and a test showed it was intermittently dropping a cylinder. They took the engine apart a couple of times but weren’t able to resolve the issue. It hasn’t been too bad since then, but the bike feels down on power a bit now. The engine warning light comes on too.

“Also, there is quite a loud ticking noise also from the left hand side of the engine at all revs, and I’ve been told it’s not right by the Triumph mechanics. Valve clearances have been checked and all good, so I don’t know what it could be. Doesn’t seem to impact anything, just sounds rough and especially on starting. Despite this I still enjoy it immensely.”

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