Your Top 10 motorcycles

You've reviewed and voted on your bikes over the past 12 months in Visordown's reviews section and here's your Top 10

10. Triumph Daytona 675 (2006 - present): 4.42/5

Introduced in 2006, after a series of 4-cylinder Daytonas, many thought that Triumph's 675 3-cylinder supersport was a passing fad, an engineering anomaly that wouldn't hit the sweet spot. After all, if the Japanese were sticking to 4-cylinder machines, what did Triumph know? Well, the 675cc never cleaned up in racing but it was an instant success for Triumph. A near perfect blend of torque and hosepower in a usable chassis made the 675 the choice for novice riders and old hands alike.

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9. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (2004 - 2005): 4.43/5

The first of a long line of Honda Fireblades to bear the 1000 sticker. The CBR954RR was well loved, but the game had moved on and Honda had to react in 2004 with the CBR1000RR. Not as fiesty as the 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R and yet not as sharp as the 2004 Yamaha YZF-R1, the 2004 Fireblade sold by the container load. Its blend of power, poise and that Honda logo kept it at the sharp end of the sales charts. Strong resale values even 6 years on.

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8. Honda CBR954RR Fireblade (2002 - 2003): 4.44/5

Prices for second hand models of the 2002 CBR954RR FireBlade havent changed much over the past 3 years. A firm favourite of the experienced and every day biker, the RR2 and RR3 'Blades hit the mark in every way. Sharp handling, a good solid motor and most importantly, comfortable for a superbike. They're one fo the best value sportsbikes on the market today and are well loved for their reliability and their solid resale value.

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Reviewed bikes - Seven to four

7. Honda ST1300X Pan European: 4.44/5

Despite widely reported issues over the years, Honda's super-tourer, the ST1300X Pan European has a massive following. Reports of speed-wobble issues on police bikes are limited and don't affect standard models. Hardcore ST1100 owners refuse to acknowledge that the ST1300X is better in every way. Still too expensive to be seen on the courier circuit, but well loved by continent cruising tourers, the ST1300X offers comfort, style and range. Perfect for just getting out there.

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6. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (2006 - 2007): 4.46/5

It's the third Fireblade in our Top 10 and for good reason; it does exactly what it says on the tin. The last of the 'prettyBlades, the 2006 model refined the first underseat piped Fireblade in 2004. Honda responded to owner feedback and gave the 2006 model more midrange shove and slightly sharper steering by lowering the gearing and shortening the wheelbase. The HESS steering damper still divides opinion but if you like Honda, you'll love all that it stands for. Still commanding high second hand prices, owners tend to buy new and hold onto them. Proof they're a brilliant bike.

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5. Kawasaki ZZR1400: 4.47/5

Want to go everywhere at 150mph? Well, the ZZR1400 will do that for you. But you don't have to go everywhere and have the Guinnness Book of Records crew following you around; the ZZR1400 will cruise, commute and play like the best sportsbikes. It's sharper than the Hayabusa in almost every aspect, but it lacks the very bottom end grunt of the Suzuki. A great package for two-up touring, but just watch the rate at which it gets through tyres..

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4. Honda CBR600RR (2007 - 2008): 4.51/5

The 2007-2008 Honda CBR600RR is your favourite 600 sportsbike, and it's clear to see why. Blending Honda's reliability, with a sharp and focused suprtsport bike that also manages to be more comfortable than it looks and more practical than it should be. The CBR600RR creeps over the 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and has a massive following. A proper 'get on and ride' bike that ticks all the boxes of the modern day biker; reliable, good for a quick blast and wildly capable.

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Reviewed bikes - three to one

3. KTM 950SM Supermoto: 4.52/5

The only Supermoto in your Top 10 and some of you would argue that it's not even a proper Supermoto. Whatever. The 950 'only' makes 100bhp, but it's geared for absolute lunacy, at the flick of a throttle. It's anything but comfortable and anyone who does over 150 miles on it should be awarded a medal, but keep it under 100 miles and it's perfect for blasting the backroads, cutting through traffic and carving up your local trackday.

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2. BMW K1200 LT: 4.54/5

There are some who won't look any further than BMW for a motorcycle and for these people, the K1200LT fits the bill when they're looking for mile-munching capability and two up comfort. But the good news is the K1200LT also wins over those who don't have the 'BMW is always best' mentality. It's one of the best touring bikes on the market and for our money, it knocks the sports of the Goldwing. Get a good one and you're set, get a bad one and just hope BMW don't leave you out in the cold.

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1. Honda CB1000R (2008 - present): 4.56

Yes, the Honda CB1000R is your number one. What's frustrating is that its taken any manufactuer this long to produce a bike we've been crying out for. The Hornet 900 was far too soft in every aspect, the CB1000R packs a perfect punch and really gets the best out of the detuned Fireblade lump. Great for everyday use and more than a handful on a twisty country lane, it's typically Honda, with a get on and go mindset. Responds well to a full exhaust system and sticky tyres. It's tempted many an owner from their sportsbike. It'll do the two-up thing too.

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