5 things I've learned about my 2011 ZX-10R

Kawasaki's flagship sportsbike has a few tricks up its sleeve

The traction control is this bike's best asset
On track, it's a fantastic way to help you go faster. On the road, it's perfect for building confidence. Doubters say it takes the skill out of riding but if you pay attention to what it's doing, it'll help you build control with much less risk. You can't just crack the throttle open hope the bike will do all the work, it won't. On track you can get on the power earlier than you normally would and you'll be surprised at how early and how hard you can get on the power before the traction control cuts in. On the road, you can stay relaxed when the surface conditions change and focus on the road ahead.

It has the best mirrors of any sportsbike
Which is a bit like saying: 'Out of all my pairs of sandals, these are the trendiest'. Mirrors on superbikes are often good for catching flies and giving you a good view of your elbows but not much else. The ones on the ZX-10R have long stalks and give you good rear vision. Ducati if you're reading this: copy Kawasaki's. Thanks.

It does 189 flat out
Here was me thinking bikes were limited to 186mph (300kph), but the big Kawasaki shows 189 on the clocks. An extra 3mph, but why? Is this a little bit of one-up-manship on the opposition?

It'll do 43mpg @ 95mph
All bikes have a natural cruising speed, a speed where everything seems to be humming along quite happily. For me, the ZX-10R feels right at 95mph; the wind flows over my helmet, the engine's not screaming, life's good. What impresses me is that at this speed it still returns 43mpg. That almost warrants sticking a 'Prius' badge on the tailpiece.

Anti-wheelie won't stop you hoisting the front
When I first heard the ZX-10R had anti-wheelie, I thought it was the start of the end. If you crack the throttle open in 1st gear, the front will lift a couple of inches from the ground but then the anti-wheelie will subtly wave its safety wand and bring the front back down. However if you keep it pinned and change into 2nd, the front lifts straight away and you can either hold it in 2nd or monster it through the box without the anti-wheelie stepping in.