2011 ZX-10R on the dyno. Our survey says...

Stock ZX-10R goes up against S1000RR and Fireblade

Last week I took my 2011 ZX-10R to PDQ to get it run up on the dyno. You can see the video here.

The horsepower result on its own looks good; 173.14bhp @ 12,5000rpm. However, the torque figure isn't quite what I expected. At 74ftlb, it's strong but it's producing max torque quite high up the rev-range @ 11,000rpm

On the graph above, my ZX-10R is in blue, while a 2011 S1000RR is in red and a 2009 Fireblade is in green. All are stock bikes, with stock systems.

Quite frankly, horsepower isn't what you're looking for on the road so the fact that I'm 8bhp over the Fireblade and 13bhp behind the S1000RR is largely irrelevant. The torque however, is surprising.

The 2008 'Blade monsters both the ZX-10R and the S1000RR where it counts; midrange. Between 5,000 and 9,000rpm the 'Blade romps away, putting out a good 10ftlb more than the S1000RR and ZX-10R at 6,500rpm.

The dyno doesn't lie, but what it can't do is tell you what an engine feels like on the road. For me, the engine doesn't feel like it lacks grunt. Its peak is only 6ftlb off the 'Blade and S1000RR, so you'd need a very accurate bum-dyno to feel the difference on the road. The ZX-10R is so easy to ride fast and I had always put that down to the S-KTRC traction control and not the low-down torque figures. S-KTRC means I'm way more confident on the throttle on roads I don't know and I spend less brain power wondering what the back wheel is doing - and what it might be about to do. I leave the computers to sort that one out while I keep my concentration on the road ahead.

Dyno man Nick said he'd take the 'Blade over the other two for the road: torque being his reasoning.

I'm fitting a Leo Vince exhaust next week which will no doubt help both horsepower and torque but for now, I want to work on getting a torque curve that resembles the 'Blades as the ZX-10R is already staggeringly good on the road, I just want it to be that bit better.