Used: Spada Seeker waterproof boots review

Waterproof boots for a smidgen under £75

COME summertime, it appears that I seem to lose all control. As the sun comes out and the clouds retreat, my inbuilt 'bling' beacon seems to go off on one.

I end up spending vast sums of money on colourful race-rep leathers and flashy race items. And I don't even race.

As a result, I end up being stuck with a load of gear that keeps me neither warm or dry in colder weather.

So I recently started wearing some of Spada's Seeker waterproof boots. They cost £74.95 and claim to be a 100% waterproof leather touring boot with an anti-slip moulded sole.

I'm going to get the bad out of the way first, because there's not a lot of it. The zip. It's very sturdy but it regularly jams by either catching on the inner liner or getting stuck in the thick leather that runs alongside it. There's a good chance that they just need be worn-in for longer, but it's something worth noting.

Other than the zip issue, they've done what they claim. I've ridden with them on for over an hour, whilst on the motorway in heavy rain, and my foot was stone dry. The padding on the inside isn't the warmest, but it's nothing a pair of socks won't sort out. They're really comfortable to walk in as well. 

I think they're a good-looking boot, and I like the fact that they're simple. No buckles or latches to worry about, just a zip and some velcro to tighen the upper portion of the boot around the calf. They also have some ankle protection and a double layer of leather over the gear-change panel which should see them last a bit longer.

If you like them, try them on in the shop first as they came up a size small on me.

Contact: Spada

Price: £74.95