New: Ventura bike pack system for Yamaha MT-09

New soft luggage collection for 'street-styled' bikes

DESIGNED to fit street-styled bikes like Yamaha’s MT-09 with no secure strapping points, the Ventura system consists of three elements: L-brackets, rack and luggage pack.

The L-brackets bolt to the bike’s existing mounting points, the rack can then be fitted which allows you to mount your chosen luggage pack in place. QL clips hold the pack firmly in place meaning less chance of damaging paintwork with straps and bungee cords.

According to Motohaus, the luggage system:  “adds no extra width to the bike, is much lighter than hard cases and has far less of an impact on handling and performance.”

When carrying a pillion, the bag can be swivelled round so it sits out of their way.

Multiple packs are available ranging from 10L to 63L worth of storage capacity.

The complete system (as pictured) includes L-brackets, rack and a 47L Mistral I pack and costs £296.

Contact: Ventura or call 01256 704909