Tested: Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond review

6500 miles later how did the oddly-patterned Supermaxx’s shape up?

Well Maxxis were bang on with their mileage claims, 6500 miles on the rear and it looks as though there is another 1000. Not bad at all for a set of tyres that cost less than £200.

Having lived with the Supermaxx’s Diamonds over the past few months the best thing about these tyres is the mileage range they offer vs cost. Not many of us who ride all year round can afford sticky tyres every 2000 miles, in my case that would cost no less than £2200 a year in rubber alone.

With regard to their grip and handling characteristics all I can say is about 70% of UK riders would be more than satisfied with them. They grip well in the wet and can deal with full lean on a roundabout with no problem. The confidence issues start to arise when you start pushing them, by pushing them I mean trailing the front break as you tip into a bend and gassing the rear as you exit. I’ve not had the Speed Triple sideways with the rear and never felt the front start to tuck but what I have discovered is the wriggling sensation that the Diamond tread pattern is becoming infamous for.

To be honest, with this sort of durable hard compound tyre you wouldn’t normally be able to ride other brands as hard as you can these, that tread pattern on the sides generates more heat and therefore gives more grip than the compound would normally allow.

I’ve learnt a new understanding in my time with the Supermaxx Diamonds, more often than not a tyres capability outweighs a rider's mental ability 2-1. However, my ability to push my mind to find a tyre's limit is ruled by the confidence a tyre gives you and with the Supermaxx moving around underneath me, on the road, my confidence isn’t quite as it should be to achieve that limit.

So to summarise, in my personal opinion, if you ride lots of miles and want to have fun on the occasion then I would highly recommend the Maxxis Supermaxx Diamonds. They are a real cost effective and durable way to enjoy your bike in an all-round fashion. However, If you ride fewer but harder miles and like to feel planted to the road, then consider something else.

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