Used Review: Shoei Qwest

Entry-level touring helmet review

I’ve been wearing this Shoei Qwest for 6 months now, and in that time it’s been used for my daily commute in London and on a couple of bike launches in Italy.

It’s performed really well and still looks brand new. It’s not quite a snug as my previous Arai, but despite the larger external size, it weighs in at just 1400g.

I’m most impressed with the visor mechanism. Swapping visors is both simple and quick, without the closed eyes and fear of plastic parts snapping off. The side lever allows you to lock the visor down or keep it partially open to prevent misting. Having said that, I’m a big fan of the Pinlock anti-fog inserts that fit this helmet.

Although aimed as touring helmet with effective noise cancelling, it is the first helmet I’ve worn that I have felt the need to wear earplugs with. There is ample space to fit a Bluetooth earpiece but I would rather not be bothered when I’m on my bike.

I found that the lack of padding around my ears when on long motorway journeys was not a pleasant experience so am now constantly sticking fluorescent yellow foam in my ears every time I’m about to head on a decent length journey. Having said that, the need for earplugs might be down to over-eager touring speeds, too many loud gigs and ageing ears.

The large chin vent works well, with all of them easy to use whilst on the go. The Shoei Qwest features removable cheekpads, has a double D fastener and got the top Sharp rating of 5. Prices start from around £270.