Tested: Bridgestone BT-016 Pro review

Put through their paces, here’s how they held up

Two months ago I had a set of Bridgestone BT-016 Pro’s fitted to my Triumph Speed Triple. Before setting out on the new tyres, the Speed had covered 4000 miles. Now with just over 7000 on the clock the rear tyre is on the limit markers. So, 3000 miles from the rear and the front has at least another 1500 miles in it.

Overall they have proven to give confidence inspiring grip on the edges with great levels of feedback when banked over especially on the track. They also give a smooth ride and manage to iron out some of the bumps our great British roads have to offer. They warm up pretty quick and only take minute or so to get them warm to touch. In a nutshell they lived up to their Hypersport tag.

As with all tyres I’m learning that a lot of personal preference comes into making the right tyre choice. My view is that knowing the Bridgestone brand you can be pretty sure you're getting good quality rubber so that just leaves the mileage rates to be considered. 3000 miles out of the rear on a Hypersport tyre, good or bad? I think that’s pretty competitive given the considerable grip levels the BT-016's offer.

After a quick bit of Google shopping you can pick up a pair for a touch over £200 for a set. Here’s what I said about them when I picked them up.

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