Rizoma Proguard system: fitted

A handy addition for the daily commute...

My unmarked brake lever shows I havent clunked any car mirrors, yet.. I seem to do it though, once or twice a year and I reckon it's only a matter of time before I don't get away with it.

I think this is called the User Retail Experience. Say what you like about the Italians but they know how to do pretty...

Rizoma bits replace the stock Kawasaki bar-ends. Note guard stem is too short, so time to fit the longer one.

A couple of diddy allen bolts hold the guard stem in place.

Longer guard stem fitted: good to go

You hardly notice it from the front. I'll let you make your mind up about the top-down view

Looks a bit special if you ask me, but then, how long do you spend looking at your bars while riding? (If the answer is lots, you need help)

Boom! You can't notice them from the front. Now all I've got to do is go out there and clip some car wing mirrors and see if the Rizoma's do the trick...