New Stuff: Bridgestone BT-016 Pro's

A tyre for all occasions?

Well it was inevitable really, the gloriously sticky and not very durable Metzler Racetec K3's had seen their last mile on the Triumph. After being ripped through 2500 miles by the Speeds thumping 1050 Triple motor the rear had all but squared off.

To replace them I’ve opted for Bridgestones new BT-16 Pro's because their previous incarnation had proved to offer supersport grip in the corners but also offer high mileage rates.

For commuting to work and to test the cornering ability of the Speed Triple these tyres should be perfect for my needs over the coming months.

The BT-16 Pro Hypersports are the new incarnation for 2011. The rear is made from layers of three different rubber compounds with the softest being on the outer edges and hardest down the centre. This allows the Tyres to perform on the track and on the motorway giving an average UK biker the best performance in both world.

Specifically design for larger capacity bikes such as the Speed Triple they have been know to give mileage rates of up to 5000m on the rear tyre before squaring off yet hold there own on the track.

With a trackday planned for next month and a fair few miles to munch through in April, I will report back on how they hold up.

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