Review: Caberg Tourmax helmet

It's like several helmets in one, but is it over-complicated?

YOU can get adventure helmets. You can get flip-up helmets. And thanks to Caberg you can now get this adventure flip-up helmet.

So that's a peak and visor, both of which flip up, along with the chin-bar, to effectively make an open-face helmet.

Oh, and it's got an integral dark visor, too.  

And it comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert, which, if you haven't tried one, will come as a revelation. It's an end to the visor fogging-up when you breathe on it.

Raising and lowering the chin bar isn't as easy as it is with some other flip-ups. You have to press a button on the front of the chin bar before pushing it up. The button's easy to access but feels a little stiff.

Pushed up fully, the chin-bar locks in position. Releasing it requires pushing another catch on the side of the helmet. It's a two-hand operation which I found difficult without taking the helmet off.

Riding with the chin bar flipped up, the peak can act as a sail on top of your head, pulling it back, even at town speed.

If you can live with that, the Tourmax seems well constructed at this price. This specific model isn't listed yet in government Sharp helmet safety ratings but Carberg typically does well. Nine out the 10 Carbergs that have been tested score at least four out of a maximum five stars.

To me this one seems in danger of being over complicated. But if you want a touring/adventure/flip-up helmet (I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt by assuming that some of you do), then it has a lot to offer.  

Price: £189.99