Review: Alpinestars S-MX 6 Gore-Tex boots

Go to track days with dry feet

USUALLY you have to choose between a waterproof touring boot or a leaky race one. Like the Alpinestars Archer gloves, these boots introduce added practicality to track-focussed gear by being fully waterproof.

Essentially, it means you don't have to get wet feet on the way to a track day or compromise on protection when you arrive. 

Because the waterproof lining is Gore-Tex, you can have some confidence it will stay waterproof.

Also like the Archer gloves, they seem really well constructed, with not a stitch out of place. They've got hard plastic armour at the shin, heel and ankle, and their shape hugs the ankle well. They don't feel like they're going anywhere.

What's most impressive is how comfortable they are. The sole is quite rigid but I could wear them all day, if my feet didn't get too hot - the one potential drawback of waterproof race boots.

The soles are also quite thin-looking. Time will tell whether they last as long as the soles of decent touring boots.

These boots aren't cheap but they're very nice at the price, and not easy to fault.

Price: £229.99